The “VHS gerassic organ” is a synthesizer build into a VHS Tape Box:

The synthesizer consists of 2 Ciat Lonbarde gerassic organ boards each with a capacitor..1 μF code 104 for bass 1 μF for subbass. the keyboard is functioning as 2x each 3 keys binary. the timbre is similar to that of the Tetrax and there is the possibility to increase or decrease the overall tone pitch and also to tune the individual tones separately at the press and release state. 2 Potentiometers are determine the duration. 2 seperate outs. I built it from 2 pcbs fabricated by dennis verschoor corresponding to Peter Blassers papercircuit. Ultimately the VHS organ was sent to California to weird ear records. Sound examples, explanatory pictures follow. It was an interesting work with a satisfactory result.

7 pitches available with 3 keys ( 1= press):
pich 1:100    2:010   3:110   4:001   5:101   6:011   7:111

Improvements for the next model would be:
1 rotary switch - 1 pole 6 position to switch between diffrent capaciators
2x8 knobs for tuning/sound
piezos connected to a wooden keyboard.


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